My lil’ girl goes back to school tomorrow, after a two-week vacation. This morning, I told her that she would be going to see her teachers and friends and she jumped with joy. I didn’t anticipate that much excitement. In all fairness to her, we did spend most of her holiday being cooped up at home either ‘cuz she has the flu, or I do. This flu season has been brutal – here’s hoping that we’re over it!

I’ve realized during her time at home how difficult it is to keep my lil’ girl entertained. She expects my complete and undivided attention all the time. And keeping a routine in her life has also been challenging – eating, sleeping, and playing have become dictated by her moods and whims.

Mommies who have toddlers at home – think seriously about pre-school for your kids. They learn so much and develop alarmingly fast in an environment filled with kids their own age and teachers who are trained to help them grow. I’ve developed an appreciation for my lil’ girl’s pre-school during this holiday and she’s obviously missed it.  So, going back to school couldn’t be coming at a better time!