Its been a while since I posted, the flu is back in full force and my lil’ girl has been sick again. It was only a couple of days that she felt better so I’m in total need of a vacation right now. Last night, she woke with a fever and, as usual, made full use of my midnight misery by asking me to take her to the playroom and spend my much needed sleep time manicuring her nails, watching YouTube cartoons and having a teaparty.

My lil’ diva is back! Her grandma is in town these days and she’s ecstatic about it. Her supporter and defender. She’s making use of that too – you’d think she’d be too young to get it, but no – she knows that when her grandma is in town, her mommy has little leverage and she has it all. So, my lil’ diva is now roaming free. Oh well, let her enjoy her holidays I say – one week and she’ll be back in school.

So, if my posts are few these days then know it’s because I’m still recovering from flu blues and catching up on sleep. I’m also going to make use of my babysitter being in town – it’s my vacation too!