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I’ve been hearing this a lot lately – “don’t worry, it’s just a phase, it’ll pass”. I know it’s true, but it’s still frustrating to deal with. I used to pride myself on how easy it was to feed my lil’ girl. She loved most foods I would offer  – never had much of a problem, and I’d sympathize with mothers who’d complain about how difficult their kids were when it came to eating, but I didn’t have to deal with it much. Now, I’ve started dreading mealtimes. My lil’ girl is refusing to eat almost everything, and she never finishes her meals. Enter the Picky Eating Phase.

Ok, so maybe I can deal with picky eating. But as soon as I’ve accepted this and started to find ways around it, we’ve stared yet another phase. My lil’ girl is now adamantly objecting to using the potty. Yes, it seems I’ve started potty training from square one. Maybe square two, don’t want to exaggerate too much. My washing machine is now ready to turn me in with the amount of times it’s having to wash my daughter’s underwear and clothes. So, I’ve resorted to keeping her in Pull-ups most of the time. I’m back to using bribery, threats, reward, punishment, etc. Uhu, I’m now officially back in the potty training game. “It’s a Phase”. Again.

What about the increasing tantrums and terrible two behavior? Is that a phase too? Or is this normal of holiday/staying at home blues? Maybe she’s bored, maybe she’s missing her teachers and friends. Whatever it is, here’s hoping that the phases will pass quickly and that my lil’ angel comes back soon. Wish me luck!