Traveling with my lil’ girl is loads of fun – she loves planes and she’s gotten so used to them that she knows exactly what to do as soon as she sits down. She asks me to buckle her belt, she plugs in her earphones into the screen in front of her, watches cartoons, and even enjoys plane food. I don’t worry about long flights with her – honestly, i get crankier on these flights than her!

My daughter is even an angel on road trips – as long as she has her snacks and DVD then she’s good to go. But, i need to make sure I have all her necessities – the travel potty, the food, the toys, everything to keep her busy and happy and noise free. She wasn’t always such a good passenger, but practice makes perfect as they say and I now know exactly what to pack to keep those long hours peaceful.

I know a lot of mommies are preparing for upcoming vacations with their lil’ ones during the holidays – so here’s a video on things to take along that will make your trips headache free – or as close to that as you can get.


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Enjoy your vacations mommies!