So today is my lil’ girl’s last day at school before the holidays – she has 2 weeks off. Honestly, I’m looking forward to spending my mornings with her – I miss playing with her after breakfast, taking her out shopping with me, having her help me in the kitchen while I’m cooking, all the stuff we used to do together before she went off to pre-school and I had all that free time on my hands. Ok, I do admit, I love my free time – it’s the only “me time” i truly have to do with as I please. I’m definitely going to miss it. But, I can’t wait for the holidays!

Only problem is – I need to find ways to entertain my lil’ girl during these holiday mornings. It used be easy when she was younger, she’d spend some time watching cartoons, and then some time in her playroom and that was enough for her. Now, she’s a big girl. She demands to go out. She demands entertainment. And let’s be realistic – taking her shopping isn’t exactly fun for either one of us. She spends the whole time whining in her stroller, and I spend that time trying to get her to be quiet. So, I need child-friendly activities. I’ve started lining up her play dates, and I’m looking for places to take her that she’d enjoy.

So, mommies, if you have any ideas – let me know! PLEASE 🙂

Happy Holidays!