Today, I took my lil’ girl to her soon-to-be “big girl school” for an interview, they asked to see her and talk to her before registration in order to evaluate if she’s truly “ready” for school. I felt like such a monster and let me tell you why. I picked her up early from her pre-school, which entailed her missing painting the christmas trees they were busy with and she didn’t get to take home her weekly thursday folder, which has in it all the stuff she worked on all week – she waits in excitement to show it to me and she didn’t get to do that. But, the real reason I felt so bad was that as I explained to her that she would be going to see her “big girl school”, she looked at me wistfully with her big, brown, innocent eyes and said “mama, can I take my teachers and my friends with me”?

So anyway, that being said, we drove off and went to her interview, where she proceeded to drive me crazy at the most perfect time – the time I wanted her to put on her best behavior and impress those teachers. The day before, when I saw said interviewers, I had gone on and on about how grown up my toddler was and how much they’ll be impressed with her. Naturally, my princess decided to act not-so-very-princessy. She jumped on their couch, started to sing and then massacred the song, hid behind me pretending to be embarrassed, and other such lovely moves.

Naturally, I hid this behavior saying she was seeking attention and shy and she’s not usually like this. They were impressed by her intelligence they said and she’s welcome to register anyday. Happily, I left, excited, imagining her days there as a teenager and a senior, graduating. I saw the big kids, talking, joking, and looked at my little princess. Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough of her mischief. Soon, she’ll be a teenager just like them, ok not soon but time flies, and I know I’ll miss these toddler years. So, I tickled her, played with her, and basked in her laughter.

Enjoy your weekend mommies!