There was a dinosaur and a duck, apparently they were playing in her room and when I asked her to get her doll she was too scared – not of the duck mind you, ’cause naturally ducks are friendly but dinosaurs certainly aren’t! That was the story my lil’ girl was telling me today, convinced it happened, certain of its reality.

Other stories involve things she did when she was a baby – she entertains us with tales that always start with ‘when I was a baby…’. They’re very creative, imaginative, and couldn’t be farther from the truth. But, in her mind, they’re very real.

These flights of imagination that our kids have are part of their natural development. Their creative mind is growing, and they’re also affected by all the stories they’re told, the cartoons they watch, and the books they look at. Should we tell them that these tales aren’t real or should we just let them be? My only problem is when they scare her – that dinosaur in her room, I need it to go back to wherever it came from, but the duck we can live with!