Bribery – we all resort to it with our kids. “If you sleep early, you’ll get a toy.” “If you eat your lunch, you’ll get candy”. “If you sit quietly, you’ll get to watch TV”. Some call it bribery, some call it reward, but in the scheme of things, it’s the same concept. We bribe our kids to do what we want them to do. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that works to be honest, at least with my kid. And I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve used it quite alot.

My friend gave me good advise today at how to use bribery to get my daughter to quit the pacifier – the  fairy. If you don’t use your pacifier all night, and keep it sleeping next to you then the fairy will take it and bring you a toy instead. Alas, it seems to have worked. Also, if you don’t behave, the fairy will stop visiting and bringing you toys. There’s the Eid fairy, the Christmas fairy, you get the drift. I have to say, I loved the idea. It’s still bribery – but it’s candy wrapped. It’s discreet, subtle, and gets them to listen and behave. It’s genius.

Funny though, I don’t remember being “bribed” as a child. Our parents asked us to do something, we did it. Most of us will remember our childhoods as very different from what we’re experiencing with our kids these days. Maybe it’s our selective memories, or maybe times have changed. Our kids seem to be more opinionated than we were, more involved, more stubborn. They need to have discussions about everything, we need to ask them what they think, what they want. Yes, times have definately changed. They’re not as complacent as most of us were – and we need to think of creative ways to get them to listen and follow our will.

What are your kids like mommies? Share please!