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We went “school shopping” today – yes, you heard me, school shopping. And that’s what it feels like these days! I was told that I was too late in looking for a school to register my lil’ girl, for Kindergarten that is. They all have waiting lists – what? waiting lists? for schools? Yes, so start looking everyone said. And that’s what we did today.

I haven’t really thought about school since I graduated from one – and I remember how disciplined it was, it was all about the academics, the grades, your future. Things, however, have changed. Now, we have to think about so many other factors than I recall. We have to think about kids’ social lives, interaction with society, and how the school will contribute to this. It’s not all about grades and academics anymore – it’s a bigger picture now, and it makes it SO much harder to decide on your child’s school.

Discipline – how important is it for parents within the scheme of things these days? For me, it’s one of the major factors in selecting a school for my daughter. But how much discipline are we looking for? Some parents want to know every single move their child makes, they want to be informed about the ins and outs of their child’s life at school, be it good or bad. Other parents think that too much discipline will smother their child, make him/her too repressed, not social enough. It’s hard for me to make this choice – I graduated from one of the strictest schools in Kuwait at the time. So now, I find myself asking – what do I want for my daughter?

So I’ve started my school hunt – filtered the options, blacklisted some, and decided on a few to visit. I was told to fill in the application, and wait for their call telling me if she’d been granted the privilege of a possible interview so they would consider registering her. You know, because I’m late in starting this process. Hmmm, she’s still a toddler, still needs two more years to get in – maybe next time I should start looking for schools before she’s off the bottle! So mommies – wish me luck!

Parents – anyone going through the same process? What’s your opinion?