I love it, as I’m sure many of you do – junk food. Not surprisingly, kids do too! When I take my lil’ girl to the mall, as we walk past the food courts, she points at the fast food booths and yells “mama, I want fries”! How do I say no to that? Yes, I know, it’s oily, fatty, and bad for all of us – but how can you stop your child from having it? It’s everywhere. When she sees other kids sitting around a table in a fast food court, eating fries, ice cream sundaes, burgers, and yells that she wants that too – and, most of all, the toys they give away. They lure the kids to eating by giving away toys from their favorite cartoons.

It’s a dilemma really. In other countries, there have been actions taken to try and lessen the attractiveness of junk food to kids. Starting with toy bans on kids’ meals that do not conform to certain health standards, such as calorie and fat content. But, unfortunately, in our region these moves have not been taken. Sadly, the obesity rate is increasing among kids because of these foods – so what can parents do?

This article studies the effect of banning toys in kids’ meals – is it helping? http://healthland.time.com/2011/12/08/can-fast-food-toy-bans-really-help-kids-eat-better/

Mommies – what’s your opinion on this?