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We went on vacation this summer and took our lil’ girl with us – everywhere we went, we obviously had her stroller with us. Mostly, it was used to carry shopping bags, her changing bag, our jackets, my purse, and anything else we didn’t want to burden ourselves carrying. Where was our daughter? Walking right alongside us – sometimes being a good girl and holding our hand, sometimes insisting on pushing the stroller with us, and sometimes being a regular kid – running, playing, laughing, and talking out loud. So, we would get stared at by everyone – couples, single people, even parents whose kids were sitting quietly in strollers being “good”. What were we thinking? Letting our lil’ girl have fun, enjoy herself, run wildly? Yes, to these people – we were out of our minds.

Our lil’ girl has been everywhere with us – we take her along to restaurants where sometimes she’s a good girl and sometimes not so much. We take her to malls, we travel with her, she’s been to hotels with us, on the beach, swimming pools, and planes. We have fun with her, we enjoy her company – really. Ok, so she’s mischievous, she’s playful, and she loves to talk – she was never one of those quiet kids who sits peacefully and doesn’t make a sound. But, in our eyes, that’s what makes her so fun.

Yes, we get looks when we’re out and she’s being a regular kid who doesn’t want to sit still. Frankly, it doesn’t bother me – as long as she’s enjoying herself, we let her have her fun. That’s not to say that when she’s being too loud or too wild we don’t stop her – we do. But, kids have just as much a right as us to enjoy vacations and outings. I’ve had other mothers ask me how I do it – why I do it. I could go out to lunch or dinner and leave her with the nanny. I could travel alone and leave her with grandparents. Frankly, I don’t want to, because I love seeing the world through her eyes.

Have fun with your lil’ ones mommies and daddies – even try being a kid sometimes and you’ll appreciate all the things you forgot about. Watch cartoons with them and look at their faces light up, run outside with them and hear their laughter, eat out with them and laugh at their little quirks. Enjoy your kids!

Have a nice weekend mommies!