I got a note today from my lil’ girl’s pre-school inviting me over for her first EVER winter concert. She’s going to be singing – my lil’ girl, my baby who only yesterday was learning to roll on her side, walk, talk – is going to be singing in her school’s concert! I must admit, it brought tears to my eyes. She’s becoming so independent – she loves to eat on her own, walk without holding my hand, sleep without cuddling next to me, and all sorts of other things she wants to do all by herself.

Ok, I know, maybe I’m overreacting. I mean, it’s not like she’s going off to college or anything! But these are her first big step into the world. When I pick her up from school, I take a few minutes before calling her out and watch her from the window of her classroom. She’s sitting on one of the little chairs, holding a book, and pretending to be the teacher. She’s interacting with her friends and her teachers. She’s playing, laughing, and doesn’t ask for her mommy. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy she’s finally adapted to being at school, no more crying – but it still makes me long sometimes for the days when she was just a tiny baby, holding on to my finger with her tiny hand.

Our little ones are growing up. It makes our jobs as mommies that much more fulfilling. They’re getting to be well-rounded kids with lives outside of the house. Times like these, I’m so proud of my job – as I watch her from that window, I smile. I call her daddy and tell him about her concert, and I can here the smile in his voice.

Enjoy your wonderful day mommies, with your precious ones!