As soon as I loved the fact that my lil’ girl got used to her pre-school sleep routine, as soon as I depended on it – the fact that at a certain hour, I would be SURE she would be fast asleep and I could start my evening – she changed. She decided that it’s too early to be sleeping, she’d rather be playing, babbling, watching tv, and eating.

Also, I got used to the fact that she likes her food a certain way, what she loves to eat, what she doesn’t love to eat, I KNEW what to buy for her pre-school lunches, i was sure of it. Of course, that too changed. Her sandwiches now remain uneaten in her school bag.

So we used to take her out to restaurants with us – she would sit on her high chair, coloring with her crayons, watching cartoons on her DVD, and we would enjoy our meal, each others’ company, and our enchanting baby girl. Now, she refuses to sit on the high chair, refuses to color, and wanders around the restaurant, talking to people and harassing the waiters.

Change – is it good? I’m not so sure – but it’s inevitable. They grow, their habits change, their likes and dislikes totter up and down so incredibly fast you can barely keep up. They listen to you and are perfect little angels for one day, while the next they decide to become as difficult as they come. They’re social, play with others, share with kids, and people adore them – one moment in time – right before they decide to become totally anti-social and absolute bullies.

This is nothing though, I’m sure. We’re absolutely not going to love the changes that come when they’re teenagers. So, I say, let’s embrace these little, harmless changes in our toddlers and let’s love these days when they need us as much as we need them. Because, that too WILL change.