My lil’ girl has, not so recently, discovered my make-up drawer – a land full of colorful and fun “toys” to play with. She’s also discovered the existence of deodorant, creams, perfume, nail polish, and so many other new and exciting things she can play with that aren’t part of her toy stash in her room. Naturally, as soon as she tries to play with these delightful new goodies, I take them from her which starts a full blown tantrum that drives me mad.

So, when the tantrum has subsided, when she’s turned into our little angel again, our daughter plops herself on a chair in her daddy’s office. She reaches out for the mug he has on his desk, full of wonderful permanent markers and starts to draw all over the papers in front of her, as well as her clothes, the desk, the chair and any other surface she’d love to try out. Again, this leads to another tantrum of sorts – as soon as mommy dearest takes her markers away and carries her off the chair.

But, you know, how can I blame her? She’s exploring, discovering, and learning – she’s curious, as all toddlers are – and what do we do? We take them away from everything that seems exciting and new and we plop them back into the familiar and boring. So let’s, for once, see things from their points of view – we take them to malls but strap them into strollers, we take them to restaurants but strap them into high chairs – and we expect them to sit quietly without objection. Hence, the temper tantrums. Its their way of telling us to let them be, it’s their way of communicating, objecting and getting our attention.

We have to discipline these little ones, of course we do. But, every once in a while, let’s give them some space to explore and give them our patience. Because sometimes, when I’m in the middle of a battle of wits with my daughter I find myself feeling sorry for her – so I stop, give her a hug and laugh when she ends up saying something totally unexpected like “mommy, I love you, but you made me angry”!

Just as I’m writing this, my lil’ girl is shouting at the top of her lungs as she plays in her room with her daddy – so, have a good weekend mommies – I need to mediate the battle starting inside, wish me luck !