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So yesterday, my husband suggested that I show our lil’ girl a cartoon she used to love as a baby that she hadn’t seen in a while – it’s all about a big red dog and his owner, a girl, and their adventures together. Harmless it would seem. She starts crying hysterically, saying “Mommy, I get scared”! Ok – that was strange, worrisome, and totally out of my realm. Do I try to show it to her and ease her fears? Do I hide it and never show it to her again? How do you deal with your toddler’s anxieties and fears?

Last year, we took her to the Dead Sea – she saw a fly, seemingly observing it for the first time and didn’t show us any reaction. In the middle of the night, she wakes up having a nightmare, clinging to her nose and saying “mommy, the bee got my  nose”. She spent the entire weekend holding on to her nose, making sure it’s still there, making sure the “bee” didn’t get it.

Finally – separation anxiety. We took our lil’ girl out shopping for a “big girl bed” to finally put in her room and get her to sleep there. As I’m explaining this to her, she looks at me with her innocent eyes and says “but mommy, where will you go? I’m gonna cry if you put me there”. Yes – that got me very tearful!

It’s perfectly normal for toddlers to be scared of new things, or things they hadn’t understood before. My question is to mommies out there – how do you deal with them and ease them out?

As I’m researching just now, I found a great article on this subject – I found it very helpful, and hope you do too!