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My daughter is now at an age where she’s becoming obsessed with certain cartoons – watching them all the time and even memorizing certain parts. Among her favorites – Horton Hears a Who, as well as Casper the Friendly Ghost.

So, I took her along a few days ago to buy new DVDs and I asked her to choose. She stood silently for a couple of minutes in front of the shelves stacked with hundreds of DVDs to choose from – she finally decided on a movie for Casper as well as Curious George. I played the Casper movie immediately for her – it was titled Scare School and as soon as it started playing I glanced at her worried she would freak out. It starts with a few, in my opinion, very scary ghosts terrorizing some shoppers at a grocery store. My daughter giggled!

Another cartoon that my lil’ girl is include Tom and Jerry – who spend the most part of all episodes trying to hurt each other in very, very creative ways and I worry she’d actually try some of them out!

Fairy tales are also among favorites of girls – most of which, either have stories of orphaned children (e.g. Cinderella), imprisoned princesses (e.g. Tangled), or have scary “bad guy” characters – the most famous of which is Snow White. As I look at my girl or other kids watching these movies I wonder – how is it they love them so much and aren’t scared or worried while they do?

I, on my part, love Horton Hears a Who – the story of the wonderfully innocent, naive elephant trying to save a whole civilization stuck on a flower or even Happy Feet – the lovable penguin who can’t sing a tune. But, how much influence do we have on what our kids decide to watch these days. My toddler is very independent – and she specifically asks for what she wants, there’s no convincing her otherwise.

Enjoy your day mommies – looking forward to hearing from you!