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“Mommy, payya please” – it’s what my lil’ girl calls her pacifier, YES, i said it – she’s still addicted to her pacifier. She doesn’t sleep without it, and when she’s in a bad mood it’s her first request, it soothes her and helps her relax. But now, it’s starting to frustrate me – I want to break the addiction, but I have no idea how.

I’ve had advice from other mommies whose kids were addicted to the pacifier – most of the advice is to take it away and let her cry it out. My problem is this – I don’t have the willpower or even patience to hear the cries for days on end until she realizes that her beloved pacifier is gone. Yes, it makes me feel like a mean mother – I keep asking myself, what’s the harm if she keeps it? Dentists have assured me that as long as she has her milk teeth in, it won’t hurt. But still, how healthy is it for my lil’ girl  to still be addicted to it?

Sesame Street makes great DVDs and books to help – when my daughter was still drinking from the bottle I bought a book that encouraged her to drink from a sippy cup instead, and when I tried to potty train her, Elmo was there right by my side. So, I’ll keep you updated on my new challenge in trying to get Elmo to convince her that her pacifier is no longer needed.

Mommies – any suggestions?