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Good morning mommies on this beautiful weekend Saturday – hope you’re all having a great time with your lil’ ones! Yesterday, my husband and I took our daughter to the mall for an evening of fun – for her. Being too cold, we had to take her somewhere indoors where she could vent her energy and come back home tired, hungry, and of course – sleepy πŸ™‚

As always, we ran into several temper tantrums – she wants ice cream, she wants to play on the carousel, then she doesn’t want to play on the carousel, she wants to buy a toy, and on, and on, and on. In the last two and a half years of her life, we’ve learned to pick our fights and – as most of you did I’m sure – we learnt to say NO.

I ask myself always, where do I draw the line? I worry that letting her get her way will turn her into a spoiled child, but on the other hand I worry that saying NO will turn me into a tough mom. I wish there was a checklist that could help parents decide whether giving in to the demands of their kids was healthy or turning them into overindulged children.

So far, my lil’ girl knows that when we say no, we mean it. I do try, however, not to use the word too much – when there’s no harm in giving in to her little demands, I usually do. An article I read said that if you’re spoiling your kids – you’ll know it. So, here’s hoping, as all other mommies do, that my lil’ girl will turn into a well-rounded toddler, teenager, and adult.