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First words I wake up to  – “Mommy, where’s the IPad? I want the IPad please”! She swipes her fingers all over the screen, opens applications like a true pro, and teaches me a thing or two i didn’t know before. Same goes for her mommy’s iphone, and many, many other gadgets that a toddler didn’t dream of using a couple of years ago.

Our kids spend way too much time these days either in front of computers, televisions, and older kids – telephones. What happened to the days of reading a book, talking, singing, and all the other activities we remember from our childhood days. An article I read today stated that “Among 0- to 8-year-olds, a quarter (27 percent) of all screen time is spent on digital devices like computers, video games, smartphones, and tablets”. For me – that’s way too much!

So how do we find the balance? How do we encourage our kids to spend less time  on these activities? We can’t really stop them altogether – this day and age, they need to be technology savvy, and let’s face it – these gadgets are everywhere! But we do need to try and encourage our kids, at least for a couple of hours at home, to write or draw on an old-fashioned piece of paper, to read from an actual book, and to have a conversation with them about their day.

Enjoy your weekend mommies and kids on this beautiful, sunny day!