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My hubby keeps accusing me of being overprotective – just this morning, my lil’ girl woke up – yes, she was sleeping next to me but that’s a whole other story for another time – and said “i want to stand”. She takes a certain joy, as all other toddlers, in jumping on the bed and then recklessly getting off it. Her joy equals my fear. I fear she’ll fall and hit her head, break her nose, a million other things that fly through my mind as I see her being her usual mischievous self.

As she plays with her dad, I force myself to look away or leave the room. He says to let her be – let her have fun, enjoy being a toddler, and discover dangers and how to avoid them on her own, how else would she learn? I, on the other hand, find myself jumping off the chair and running to her rescue as soon as I feel any hint of danger – isn’t it better to save her from impending cries of pain than to let her feel them?

Am I overprotective? Will I ever hear her ask me to help out in the kitchen, as she already does – “mama, I want to mix” – and just let her, without being terrified that she’ll accidentally bump into the hot oven or touch the knife lying on the kitchen table.

Other mothers tell me that after having a second child you tend to be less protective of both. Is that true anyone?