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So a friend of mine is arranging a playdate for our daughters – we decided to have it at home cuz, frankly, there isn’t much to do for kids in our city! I hear this question all the time from mommies – where can you take them? how do we keep them busy outdoors?

There’s a lack of children-friendly places that we can take our kids and entertain/educate them. Sure, there are a few really great destinations but how many times can you visit them without having your kids get bored?

Because of this, we find ourselves buying more and more toys for our lil’ ones to keep them busy indoors, at home. I’ve walked into many playrooms, including my own daughter’s, and found a whole variety of toys that are either ignored, broken, or strewn about.

But I can’t think of any other way to keep our lil’ ones busy. I dream of outdoor parks, and places that I can take my daughter to play, run, and spend her energy. All you mommies out there – any ideas?