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Today, an acquaintance of mine gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy – her second child. What I admire about her is that she kept working until, literally, the last minute of all nine months of her pregnancy. I saw her a couple of days ago, when she finally decided to start her maternity leave – she left her place of work, regretfully, looking back and wishing she could stay for just one more day.

I never actually had to make decisions regarding career and family. I resigned from my job a few months before getting pregnant and, so far, I haven’t had the heart to start working again – knowing the demands of a career in this city and the balancing act I would have to do between this and my family. It may be due to seeing my mom – how she sacrificed her own would-be career to stay at home with us and make sure we would feel her presence every minute of our day.

Many a day, however, I miss that life – office friendships, challenges at work, even office politics believe it or not. I do know many, many women who have successfully figured out this complicated balance. They seem to have thriving careers, while still finding time to spend with the children – taking them on activities, reading to them, and helping them with their homework. I salute these mothers and career women – good for you!

I’d love to hear from both sides – stay at home mommies and those working – any thoughts?