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I’m writing this with a certain special mommy in mind who’s having a terrible time potty training her lil’ boy. It took me almost two months – I used bribes and threats, tried sticker charts, rewards, you name it. I sat for hours upon hours next to her potty, hoping she’ll realize what it is I wanted her to do – how difficult could it be?!

I soon came to the realization that it can be VERY difficult and stressful for both of us. All the articles and books I read on the subject told me to quit trying and wait for her to be ready. What?! Quit?! Nope, the word didn’t exist in my terminology so I kept going – with no avail.

Funny thing – she woke up one morning, asked to sit on the potty, and never again did we use another diaper. Turns out, you DO have to wait till they’re ready. I know how frustrating it is to keep waiting – but no need to fret. They WILL be potty trained. It’s a challenge, but it will happen, trust me.