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I heard so much about the terrible two’s – never believing any of it till I experienced them first hand! My toddler has shown me how real they are –  all the tantrums, stubbornness, you name it.

She wakes up this morning, has her breakfast and decides – on a beautiful, sunny day – that it’s time to wear her pink rainboots. We bought them for her on vacation this year – she saw me picking them out and insisted on wearing them all day – around the mall and everywhere else – right smack in the middle of July, shouting out “I like them mommy, I like them”. So, I had to spend a whole fifteen minutes of my morning today trying to convince her that wearing them is NOT a good idea – finally, I had my way. But it came with a price of having to hear about it all the way to school and with a promise that YES, u can wear them as soon as it starts raining again.

My baby girl is growing up! She has her own opinions and speaks her mind – she’s independent and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I say this and sign out as my lil’ girl has decided that it’s time for me to leave writing and go play with her – how can I say no?

Mommies – join me later!