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Such a beautiful sunny day! Good morning to all you mommies who are, as I speak, busy with your usual morning routines. I myself have just dropped off my lil’ girl at her pre-school, she gave me a kiss and hug good bye and marched confidently into class happy to see her teachers and friends.

Pre-school. What a challenge that was! We spent the first month trying to convince her not to cry every morning – we tried talking, persuading, bribing, u name it. Wasn’t easy on me either – seeing my baby go off into the world on her own for the very first time! We did it though – I’m proud to see how much she’s developing, growing – how much confidence she has in herself.

Trying to pick the perfect pre-school for your lil’ one isn’t easy – you want that perfect environment that will nourish and protect while preparing them for school. This city has such an abundance of nurseries, day cares, pre-schools – it’s not an easy decision to make.

So let’s hear from Mommies of Amman, either with toddlers already in schools or babies waiting to get in next year. Comments?