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I spent most of the day shopping around the city, looking at winter clothes to buy for my lil’ girl. Amman has come a long way when it comes to variety of stores, compared to the few that were available when i moved here eight years ago. Now, finding what you’re looking for isn’t such a difficult task, especially with most of the stores we know opening branches in all the malls. There are also a number of children’s boutiques dispersed around the city, offering other brands and selections that we don’t see at the major stores.

However, there’s also been an increasing trend now of mommies buying stuff for their kids – clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it – at online stores and having them shipped to Amman. Online websites are being seen to offer selections that are widely different from those sold here and prices are getting more and more competitive.

So, mommies – what do you prefer? Is Amazon your favorite and most used application at the moment with online shopping or are you still fans of the traditional shopping ways?

I know you probably have your hands full at the moment running around playing with your toddlers before dinner, or feeding your babies before their baths. Good night to all mommies and lil’ ones!