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I’ve only just started writing my first blog and already my lil’ girl is vying for my attention, with a chocolate biscuit in her hand – half of which is already on my pants. Becoming a mom has been one of the most wonderful things I could possibly imagine – it’s an exhilarating, exciting, and also terrifying experience full of laughter, tears, and challenges.

So, while sitting in my daughter’s room, with my laptop teetering on one of her tiny chairs, I start this blog to connect with mommies in this beautiful city – to set a platform for us in sharing our laughter, tears, and challenges associated with this wonderful job.

I will keep Mommies of Amman updated with posts about everyday issues including our lil’ ones’ health, entertainment, education, habits, and anything else you’re thinking or worrying ’bout. I do this hoping this blog becomes your go-to place for quiet reading in the morning, after you drop off your kids at school and while you enjoy your morning coffee!

Join me later! For now, enjoy your day Mommies!!